Drone Platform

Discover the core of Swarmer: advanced Firmware for video streaming, logging and monitoring:

  • IP video streaming includes Video Flow - Copter-to-Customer, YouTube-Like Player.. This solution survives up to 15% packet loss (+20% mission success rate)
  •  Drone monitoring solution includes: 1) Live Metrics: altitude, speed, and battery life in real-time; 2) Health Monitoring: instant alerts and diagnostics on drone health and performance; 3) Online Status:   online/offline status of the drone fleet; 4) API Integration: Seamlessly integrate our solution with pilot Ground Stations.

This system ensures the security of video data captured during missions.

Starting at: $500.00 per license

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drones in the service in agriculture

Control Center

AI-powered mission delivery planning solution with dynamic forecasting for diverse drone missions, seamlessly coordinating various drone types and swarm configurations.

  • Fleet Management
  • Multi-drone Mission Estimation
  • Mission Optimizer

This technology optimizes resource allocation and enhances operational efficiency, ensuring the explainability of mission outcomes while adapting to evolving scenarios.

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AI Copilot

Empower your drones with onboard AI that excels in handling operations, seamlessly executing missions, and ensuring safe returns.


Starting at: $2500.00 per license

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