SWARMER secures funding to increase the autonomy of drone operations with AI.

Nov 17, 2023

Nov 16, 2023, Ukraine a groundbreaking startup specializing in mission control for drone swarms is thrilled to announce the acquisition of funding from D3 - a venture capital firm. Swarmer's flagship product AI Copilot showcases a performance boost with a swarm of drones enhancing the capabilities of just a single operator in the field.


Drones have become integral in various industries, including agriculture, construction, security, and many other applications. Remote location of objects is a common routine in these industries and is precisely what drones are the most efficient for. Large farming areas, dispersed construction, and other remote locations require multiple drone deliveries for optimal business results. With each drone requiring a dedicated operator, achieving the optimal results for such businesses becomes increasingly problematic due to payload capacity and limited iterations conducted by a single pilot. 

Simply having a more considerable number of pilots is not always optimal either because of the fluctuating frequency and seasonality of operations, as well as the complexity of manual swarm operations. For an operator, each task requires total concentration on drone management: weather conditions, GPS navigation, and drone telemetry. Therefore, delegating additional operator responsibilities, such as real-time synchronization with other operators in a swarm mode, poses an almost impossible task.  


Not anymore. Swarmer and its AI Mission Control Center allow operators to tackle more challenging or dispersed areas while managing just one drone — the rest of the swarm is operated semi-autonomously. The key ingredient is the proprietary AI, trained on over 1,000 missions, refined in a simulated environment, and validated in the real world. This software can optimize various drone-operated missions using the precision of AI. It includes planning optimal routes, supporting autonomous mode in the GPS-denied or communication-jammed environment, and executing a mission in a swarm mode. 


“We’re excited to partner with D3 to accelerate the development and deployment of our AI Mission Control Center across various industries. Our goal is to minimize the reliance on operators for routine tasks, allowing them to focus on validating and overseeing AI functions during multi-drone missions on a broader scale," stated Serhii Kuprienko, CEO of Swarmer Inc. 

“We’re happy to be a part of Swarmer's vision. Their AI Mission Control and Copilot are poised to revolutionize how drone operations are conducted,” said D3 partner.

Swarmer - AI-based startup incorporated in the U.S. with the primary goal - of simplifying drone operations for people with AI. 

D3 is an early-stage venture capital fund and accelerator for security startups.