Swarmer highlighted among a group of innovative startups that emerged during the year 2023 by AIN.CAPITAL

Jan 04, 2024

January 4, 2024 - Swarmer, a Ukrainian startup founded by Serhii Kuprienko and Alex Fink, achieved noteworthy recognition by being featured in two articles from AIN.Capital, a highly regarded media outlet covering the Ukrainian investment landscape. Published on January 2nd and 3rd, these articles highlighted Swarmer among a select group of innovative startups that emerged during the year 2023.

The acknowledgment in two AIN.Capital articles signify Swarmer's prominent status among the standout startups of 2023, highlighting the startup's resilience and adaptability in the face of challenges and emphasizing its growing influence within the Ukrainian startup ecosystem.

Launched in May 2023, Swarmer specializes in multi-drone control software, employing advanced artificial intelligence to streamline the operation of multiple drones with a single operator. This distinctive approach enhances operational efficiency across various sectors, including military applications, agriculture, and construction.